Bet you've never seen two Asian hotties fooling around before? Luckily, Nicole Doshi and Mina Luxx come together to give the fans exactly what they need. The captivating babes are similarly hot in different ways. Nicole has wavy blonde hair with a fit body in a tight orange tube dress. On the other hand, Mina has black hair with red highlights that complements her fashionable red onesie. Nicole and Mina can't keep their hands to themselves as soon as the camera starts rolling. Their voices sound like an erotic lullaby that can make any man fall into a lustful slumber. Nicole drops to her knees to start the foot teasing play. She holds Mina's feet in brown high-heel sandals with a clear strap. Nicole gently kisses her friend's beautiful toenails with white nail polish tips before licking her big toe. Having the feet of Nicole and Mina in one frame can easily turn on any man. Nicole's gray spartan heels highlight her bright red toenail polish. The naughty sluts take off their clothes to reveal the full splendor of their naked bodies. Nicole's big fake titties look great with Mina's small natural boobs.  After taking off their clothes, Nicole and Mina squat on the floor with their legs wide open. They start rubbing their pussies, visibly showing how much they are craving a big cock. They don't even care that they are outdoors. The only thing running in their minds is to satisfy their lust and motivate any man to come and fuck their tight Asian holes. Nicole and Mina continue rubbing their sensitive clit while showing off their sexy feet. They combine their naughty actions with a bit of dirty talking to set up the mood. Any lad watching them as they show off their feet will surely succumb to the temptation of fucking their pussies and cumming on their beautiful feet.

September 12, 2022


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Who else is here wanting to see the sex scene have a cum shot on feet? P.S. Andrew can we possibly have a tease scene with the model squirting and her squirt juice gets on her feet? If she could suck it off her toes or soles after that would be a scene I tell ya


For getting Nicole, this site is elevated to goat status


I like the inclusion of two asian models on the site can we see models like lulu chu alexia anders here when is the video release date looks very good

Andrew Youngman Moderator

The Nicole Doshi-Mina Luxx video is coming up in a few weeks.




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