Why satisfy yourself watching one girl if you can feast your eyes on two beautiful sluts at once? Let your eyes adore the captivating hotness and beauty of Destiny Cruz and Kiara Cole. Admire their petite bodies and innocent faces while they show you a proper public foot tease. The tiny sluts can't hide their excitement while they chill on a couch outdoors. They want you to focus solely on their feet. Their smiles are brighter than the summer sun. Forget about your troubles and let Kiara and Destiny stomp your stress away. No man can resist the charm of being under these gorgeous hottie's beautiful soles. Destiny looks adorable in a sexy purple top and tattered white jeans. On the other hand, Kiara looks sizzling hot in a red-stained white top with a matching skirt. Destiny's pink toenail polish matches her white jeans. The shape of Destiny's round booty becomes more visible as she puts her feet in the air. Kiara is more daring with her outfit. She is not wearing any undies beneath her skirt. Her cute bald pussy shows every time she raises her feet. The sight of her gorgeous feet with white toenail polish makes her peeking pink coochie look more appetizing.  The naughty sluts teasingly show the full splendor of their sexy feet. They make sure to flaunt their perfect arches, cute toes, and tasty heels. Watching their tiny feet from every angle will surely make any man want to join them right away. Destiny and Kiara put their feet together. Imagine the intense sensation of putting a cock between their smooth soles. The girls can't help but lust for a big cock right now. Their feet, natural tits, and pussy are ready for a man. Destiny and Kiara look at the camera with their pleading eyes. They want to fuck and feel a warm load of cum all over their feet.

September 30, 2022


Comments (9)


I'm so glad that destiny cruz and kiara cole came, they were absent for a while I'm glad they're back bro when is the release date of this video

Andrew Youngman Moderator

Oct. 14th


This EXACLY what we wanted andrew on a Curry run


hey Andrew, would there be a chance you guys show who are all confirmed for the future, and not just the next 4 who are booked?


This would be the perfect tease if in the video kiara does footjob blowjob blowjob combo!


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