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I'm a cheater...

Anastasia Knight , Jake Adams

Tags: Babe, Blondes, footjob, High Heels, Pink nail polish, teen

My stupid boyfriend got jealous again and stormed out of the house. His friend Jake, along with a bunch of other roommates, have been living in the house but most of them were out of town on a ski vacation. After my boyfriend left, really needed a breath of fresh air. I went out on the terrace and found Jake chilling on the lounge bed. I was so upset I couldn't stop talking and telling him what happened. He said everyone knows that I'm a little slut and that I cheat on my boyfriend pretty often. Well, I had to admit that wasn't far from the truth. What I really can’t resist is to have my feet played with, and my boyfriend doesn't give a damn about it. So I asked Jake, “Would you play with my feet?” He didn't know what to say and seemed kind of shocked. Finally he admitted that he has a huge foot fetish but he can't do it with me because of his bro code with my BF. It didn't take long to convince him to take off my heels and suck on my pretty pink pedicured toes. He did such a good job, it was exactly what I needed. After this hot foot play I told him to take me inside the house and fuck me properly like I deserve. He fucked me so good, sucking on my toes and licking my soles whenever he got a chance. I came countless times and watched his cum drip from my feet. After all, I like to be a little slut.

Average Rating: 4.5/5.0
  • Release: April 5, 2019
  • Length: 42:47
  • Photos: 110
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